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Saturated and Trans Fats and The Health Risks They Impose

Many hear ainformation bout saturated and trans fats and that we
should avoid them for good health but there is little public as to what they really are. While it is easy to see how thy affect the body while putting down fat around our vital organs one must dig deeper to understand where they come from and why they are so bad. How much we have in our diet and how to avoid them is a vital part of staying fit and healthy.
Saturated fats are the easier to understand as they come from animal material. That beautiful grilled chop with its delicious adornment of fat is exactly what we are talking about. Many can't resist the great taste of such a treat. Animals fats are also in milk and butter and consumption of these adds to the tally.
Cooking meat in such a way that the fats are rendered and thought removed by consumers is not necessarily the case. Fat gathers under the skin and within the meat and simply cutting such away does not remove it entirely. Marbled meat shows this condition.

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